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About Us

OFFHEALTH is a young pharmaceutical company, made up of people characterized by great professionalism and expertise gained in other relevant industrial groups with a unique and specific focus related to diseases and eye discomfort.

The corporate office is located in Florence, a logistically favorable city for both the centrality in the national territory and for the ease to be reached through road, train and plane through the local airport Peretola (FI) and the nearby international airport of Pisa.

Quality and innovation are our commitment, the starting and destination point of each OFFHEALTH product.

To achieve our goals we dedicate considerable energy and resources to the research, respecting our strict criteria of efficiency, quality, safety and the entrusting excellence of European production facilities, mainly Italian, from where come all our products.

Research and development in OFFHEALTH are strongly directed to find innovative pharmaceutical forms with increased therapeutic efficacy and tolerability, able to improve patient compliance and pharmacological results in the following areas:

  • Retinal diseases
  • Alterations of the ocular surface
  • Care
  • Glaucoma
  • Ophthalmic surgery

Our commitment, which goes through a close collaboration with the ophthalmologist, is to provide the medical community with quality products and services that can be useful in clinical practice, diagnosis and treatment to help to improve patients’ quality of life.


OFFitalia goal is to become a company with a clear identity and a strong characterization for the high professional quality of its participants, recognized by the ophthalmologists as a reliable partner in our first market of reference, which is Italy.

In the near future, thanks to the collaboration on an international scale with partners who share with us the same business model, our company’s commitment is to grow and to bring our therapeutic solutions and services to people with eye diseases worldwide.