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Presbyopia is the physiological and natural evolution of the eye aging.

It is a refractive disorder, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, but a so-called accommodative disorder. The main symptom of presbyopia is the difficulty reading close to which you can attach to the eye fatigue after reading or computer activities.

Not unusual headache.

Foto concessione: Dott. C. Benvenuti

Over the years the crystal undergoes a progressive hardening and also ciliary muscle, which, acting on the crystal clear rule accommodating, undergoes a weakening and the focusing mechanism of the eye goes into distress making reading more difficult close. The removal of the newspaper at the time of reading is definitely the classic example.

Presbyopia begins to occur around 45 years in subjects who do not wear eyeglasses (emmetropic), farsighted in some ‘before while in the short-sighted delaying the appearance of a few years.

If you have no other visual defects simply use a pair of glasses for near vision to be worn when necessary, the so-called reading glasses. In the event that co-exists other visual defects are to be used glasses are able to correct the different deficit. Today widely used are the multifocal.