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Everything we do in OFFHEALTH is shaped by the values and we are all inspired by them every day at work.

OFFHEALTH founding
values are:

Passion: Dedication, determination and collaboration are part of our vision at work. The passion for what we do is our first mover.

Essentiality of the person: People are our greatest resource; we give them confidence and we support them to achieve their own goals both professionally and personal. We help people to develop their career path through a training and a planning culture. This was the founding idea of OFFHEALTH and all together we give our contribution to develop our future.

Innovation: In our creative process we do our best to innovate and our ambition is to be pioneers in searching continuous developments. Our mission is: to create innovation, to provide effective tools of care.

Professional ethics and transparency: Are a central element of our professional Liability. We always operate according to ethical principles, transparency, in full compliance with regulations and people.

Patient’s first: All our work aims to support physicians with useful products and quality services in clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic with a single purpose: to improve the quality of life of patients.