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The chalazion is the inflammation of one or more Meibomian glands. These glands are located within the tarsal eyelid and secrete the lipid component of the tear film.

The chalazion is accompanied by swelling of the eyelids, which appear reddened. In some cases it is associated inflammation of the conjunctiva. The pain can appear in the acute phase, but is not characteristic of this pathology. The signs and symptoms depend on the extent of inflammation and the number of Meibomian glands involved. The chalazion can have variable size, it can be as small as a grain of millet or so large as to induce swelling enough to cause the closure of the eyelid or a temporary astigmatism.

Foto concessione: Dott. C. Benedetti

The causes are not yet fully known, but we know that may be due, especially in children, not to correct vision defects. In fact, the “squeeze” the eyelids to focus, can cause compression of the excretory duct of the Meibomian glands, making it difficult to escape the glandular secretion, what can achieve swelling and inflammation. Significant is the role of nutrition. Any eating disorders such as excessive use of saturated fats, can result in a change in the composition of the secreted fat of the Meibomian glands, making it less fluid. Also in this case it becomes difficult to spill the glandular secretion.

Foto concessione: Dott. C. Benedetti