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Blepharitis is inflammation of the eyelid edge. In the case of blepharitis, eyelid edge may be present small white scales similar to dandruff, scabs and small, in the most severe forms, you can get to the real ulcer formation. It may be associated with conjunctivitis, manifesting then how blepharoconjunctivitis.

Blepharitis may have a subacute or chronic evolution.

The reported symptoms are heartburn, feeling of warmth and heaviness of the eyelids. Of particular importance is the itching, because it brings the patient to vigorously rub the eyelid and this can favor the formation of skin lesions and the inflammation worsening over which the composition of bacterial overlaps. In the most severe forms can appear eyelid swelling, pain localized wink and sensitivity to light (photophobia).

Foto concessione: Dott. C. Benedetti

Among the causes of blepharitis you can be listed:

  • Impaired secretion of the Meibomian glands
  • Uncorrected refractive errors such as’ hyperopia and astigmatism
  • Dermatoses such as seborrheic eczema
  • Eating disorders such as vitamin deficiency and dyspepsia
  • Diabetes or dyslipidemia
  • Allergies or environmental factors such as dust or smoke
  • Mites (Demodex)

A special case is made from bacteria, staphylococci and streptococci, as they can be the primary cause of blepharitis but also aggravate the picture. It is therefore essential to respect the most common rules of hygiene in order to minimize the risk of infection in the case of blepharitis.

A special type of blepharitis is given by a mite that feeds on the secretion of fat cells:

  • The Demodex folliculorum (demodicosis of eyelashes).
  • These can cause obstruction of the eyelash follicles;
  • In some cases, these mites are also associated to the development of skin diseases such as rosacea. The cleaning of the eyelids, in a specific way function, in this case it is absolutely essential.

Staphylococcal blepharitis

Foto concessione: Dott. C. Benedetti

Blefarite of Demodex

Foto concessione: Dott. C. Benedetti

A special type of blepharitis is given by a mite that feeds on the secretion of fat cells.

And ‘the demodex folliculorum. To the left a follicle of a ciglis infested by Demodex.

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